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Your need New car / moto Other new vehicle Second hand vehicle Leasing repurchase
Cost (Chf) 5'000 10'000 15'000 20'000 25'000 30'000 35'000 40'000 45'000 50'000 55'000 60'000 65'000 70'000 75'000
Loan duration 12 Months 24 Months 36 Months 48 Months 60 Months 72 Months

Motorcycle loan

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Moto loan

We can offer motorcycle credit solutions in all simplicity! At AutoCredit we have more than 10 years experience in vehicle loans and we can advise you about a moto credit in particular!

Moto credit: the ideal solution

With amount starting from 2'000 Chf, a loan solution has many benefits in terms of costs and flexibility!

  • Define your modalities: choose freely the credited amount and the reimbursement duration.
  • Low monthly payments: we can offer you a fixed and advantageous interest rate!
  • Flexible solutions: benefit from an extra cash amount if needed, a credit repurchase or credit cards debt consolidation.
  • Choose freely your motorcycle and the brand: whether you want a new or already used moto, you are entirely free to decide!

Test our modalities!

Do you want to know our conditions when buying a new vehicle? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information! Together we can find a personalised solution in order to offer you the best moto credit possible! Whathever your project is, with AutoCredit you ensure to benefit from the following services.

  • Free: we don't charge any admninistrative cost for your request.
  • Confidential: your personal information remains safe with us!
  • Non binding: making a loan request is not considered as a further commitment from you.
  • Instant request: do not hesitate to fill in our online form! Our team will get back to you shortly with an answer.
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